Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

Eco Clean is proud to offer professional carpet cleaning services. We’ve been serving Aloha, Oregon since 2006. Living in the Northwest, we understand the wet weather results in a great deal of mud tracked in on the carpeting and rugs. Call us right away at (503) 332-9046 if you are looking for a safe and powerful option to keep the carpet completely clean. We serve all of the Portland Metro Area.

By making use of all-natural and safe carpet cleaning technology, we get carpeting cleaner. Not even dog or cat accidents are a match for the eco-friendly alternatives we use.

“Will be a repeat customer. I am very happy as we had used another company 4 months previously and was disappointed – if this cleaning did not work we would have replaced our carpets. My carpets now look almost new and very thankful for an excellent job. Thank you Walt! great customer service and a fantastic job.”

The Cross Family – Aloha, OR

Main Reasons People Use Eco Clean For Carpet Cleaning:

Safe for Children
Obviously you don’t want your children crawling and playing on a carpet brimming with harmful chemical compounds. When you have kids, their safety is without a doubt your most important priority and Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Service helps keep them safe.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning
While some carpet cleaners claim to be environmentally friendly, Eco Clean takes this portion of the business very seriously. We use all natural & nontoxic cleansing agents and systems. Also, we use an efficient truck, running on bio diesel. If you’re searching for a green carpet cleaner, you’ve found it.

Pet Friendly & Safe
Our pets look to us to keep them safe. Your furry friends live with their noses just a few inches from your carpeting. It’s so essential to never make them breathe nasty carpet compounds.

Our Approach:

  • The carpeting is flushed using water hotter than boiling
  • The carpeting will be gently agitated to loosen soil
  • A proprietary mix of natural cleansers is applied
  • Your carpet is deeply vacuumed to remove dry soil

About Aloha, OR

Aloha Oregon

Aloha Oregon

Aloha post office was founded on 1/8/1912. It was supposedly given the name by Robert Caples, a railroad man, having said that the source of the name was a mystery. In 83′, Joseph H. Buck of King City advised the compiler that his uncle, Julius Buck, came to be the very first postmaster and that he named the post office Aloah after the small holiday resort on Lake Winnebago in Wisconsin. Through the application process the last 2 letters were transposed at the Post Office Department, creating the shift from a Midwestern Indian name to the Hawaiian word. The Buck family members came to Oregon from Wisconsin in 1907 and settled west of Beaverton. An 1894 atlas presents a small community called Alloa in Wisconsin roughly 30 miles north of Madison, but Joseph Buck asserted this name was unrelated.

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