Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

We proudly offer professional carpet cleaning services. Since 2006 we have been serving Beaverton. Living in the Northwest, we understand the wet weather results in a high level of mud tracked in on the rugs and carpeting. If you are seeking a safe and powerful way to keep your carpeting clean, please give us a call today at (503) 332-9046. Eco Clean serves all of the Portland Metro Area.

By making use of natural and nontoxic carpet cleaning solutions, we can get rugs and carpeting cleaner. Not even dog or cat spots are a match for the earth friendly solutions Eco Clean uses.

“Pet stains, cranberry juice, and any other stains were erased! Our carpet were old and really stained, but eco clean revived them. The color of carpet was restored and all animal and food stains were eliminated leaving us with fresh new looking carpets. Definitely a plus with the orange clean smell!! ”

Rachel M – Beaverton, OR

Top Reasons People Utilize Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning:

Safe for Children
Clearly, you wouldn’t like children crawling around on carpeting full of hazardous chemical compounds. If you have kids, their well-being is definitely your number one priority and Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Service helps you keep them healthy.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning
While many carpet cleaners claim to be environmentally friendly, Eco Clean takes this part of the business very serious. Eco Clean uses all natural & safe cleaning agents and systems. On top of that, we use a “eco-friendly” truck, which runs on bio diesel. If you are searching for a green carpet cleaner, you’ve found it.

Pet Friendly & Safe
Our pets rely on us to keep them safe. Dogs and cats live with their noses only a few inches from your carpet. It is so vital to make sure they aren’t inhaling toxic compounds.

The Process:

  • Your carpet is deeply vacuumed to eliminate dry soil
  • Your carpeting is flushed with water hotter than boiling
  • The carpet will be gently agitated in order to loosen soil
  • The proprietary blend of natural cleaners is applied


City Hall

City Hall


About Beaverton, OR

The City is situated seven miles west of Portland, Oregon within the Tualatin River Valley, and encompasses 18.6 sq. miles and it’s home to around 87,440 people. The Town is Oregon’s sixth biggest metropolis and also the second largest incorporated city in Washington County.

Beaverton is a warm and friendly town and is also well known for the numerous attractive and well-planned neighborhoods. Residents appreciate easy access to a complete variety of community services, including the Portland metropolitan west-side’s largest shopping district and a multitude of churches serving all denominations. The City includes a large number of “Green Space” with more than a hundred parks covering 1,000 acres. A park is located within just a half mile of every residence plus the City features 30 miles of hiking paths including a 25-mile network of bicycle paths. With a collaboration with Tualatin Hills Park and Recreation District (THPRD), citizens and visitors are able to take pleasure in many outdoor activities. Ski slopes to the east and ocean beaches to the west deliver additional opportunities for recreation.

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