Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

We’re proud to offer you carpet cleaning in Hillsboro. We’ve been serving the local area since 2006. Living in the Northwest, we understand the rain and wet weather can cause a great deal of mud tracked in on the carpeting and rugs. Call us at (503) 332-9046 if you are looking for a safe and powerful option to keep the carpet completely clean. We happily serve all of the Portland Metro Area.

By making use of all-natural and safe carpet cleaning technology, we can get carpeting cleaner. Not even dog or cat spots are a match for the eco friendly alternatives we use.

Main Reasons People Choose Eco Clean:

Safe for Children
You don’t want your kids crawling all over a carpet brimming with harmful chemical compounds. When you have children, their safety is without a doubt your most important priority. Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning Service helps you keep them safe.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning
While some carpet cleaners claim to be environmentally friendly, Eco Clean takes this portion of the business very seriously. We use all natural & nontoxic cleansing agents and methods. Additionally, we use an efficient truck, running on bio diesel. If you are searching for a green carpet cleaner, you’ve found it.

Pet Friendly & Safe
Our pets look to us to keep them safe. Your furry friends live with their noses just a few inches from your carpeting. It’s so essential they never breathe nasty compounds that could be found in your carpet and rugs.

The Eco-Clean Carpet Cleaning Approach:

  • The carpeting is flushed using water hotter than boiling
  • The carpeting will be gently agitated to loosen soil
  • A proprietary mix of natural cleansers is applied
  • Your carpet is deeply vacuumed to remove dry soil

About Hillsboro, OR

Hillsboro Oregon

Hillsboro Oregon

Hillsboro is the fifth largest town in Oregon having a population in excess of 90,380 . Best described as an uptown hometown, it is a well-planned growing community that has a strong, diverse economic foundation. We’re a high tech corridor for the state while, at the same time, farming and timber are important aspects of our economy. The city is a safe and affordable local community and also a place which we are proud to call home.

The Civic Center, in the heart of downtown, is home to the city government. The north plaza featuring its welcoming fountain was designed as a gathering place for the city. The Civic Center incorporates environmentally friendly structure and design and it has been given the honor of a gold LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) ranking.

Our downtown has a unique mix of old and new with spots to shop, eat and drink and play. Go to the new Venetian Theatre and Bistro, shop in the antique shops, or stop by the Sequoia Art Gallery. Our Main Street retains that old-fashioned feel. It truly is perfect for a leisurely walk.

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