Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning

Eco Clean proudly has been proudly cleaning carpets in Lake Lake Oswego since 2006. Living in the Northwest, we understand the wet weather conditions create a substantial amount of mud tracked around on your carpeting and rugs. If you are searching for a safer and effective solution to help you keep the carpeting clean, please give us a call immediately at (503) 332-9046. Eco Clean serves the whole Portland Metro Area.

By making use of all-natural and nontoxic carpet cleaning systems, we’re able to get carpets cleaner. Even dog and cat spots are no match for the eco friendly alternatives Eco Clean uses.

Main Reasons People Use Eco Clean:

Safe for Children
Obviously, you wouldn’t want your young ones crawling all around on carpeting brimming with harmful chemicals. If you have children, their well-being is certainly your most important job and Eco Clean Carpet Cleaning will help you keep them safe.

Pet Friendly & Safe
Our pets need us to keep them safe and sound. Our furry family members live with their noses only a few inches from the carpeting. It’s imperative not to let them breathe severe compounds.

Environmentally Friendly Carpet Cleaning
While a few carpet cleaners claim to be environmentally friendly, Eco Clean takes this part of the business pretty seriously. We use all natural & safe cleansers and methods. Moreover, we use an eco-friendly truck that runs on bio-diesel. If you are searching for a green carpet cleaner, you have found it.

Our Cleaning Procedure:

  • Your carpeting is gently agitated to loosen soil
  • The proprietary mix of natural cleaners is applied
  • The carpet will be deeply vacuumed to eliminate dry soil
  • Your carpeting is flushed using water hotter than boiling

About Lake Oswego, OR

Lake Oswego Oregon

Lake Oswego Oregon

It is mainly a residential community with a population of 35,278. There is various commercial development and light manufacturing. This city’s biggest employers include the School District, the City of Lake Oswego, Gage Industries, Inc. and Micro Systems Engineering, Inc. The majority of the businesses are based downtown close to the Willamette Waterway, the City’s eastern boundary, or on the west end in Lake Grove on Kruse Way next to I5.

In the 2000 U.S. Census, the median household income was $71,597. Which represents close to 2 times the income of other Portland suburbs. The typical housing prices were also higher. The standard home value was $296,200 in comparison to $154,900 in Portland. As of 2006, the average housing sales price was $549,700.

Lake Oswego has 19 recognized neighborhood associations plus ten citizen advisory boards. The City Charter secures a council-manager type of government, that vests policy authority in a volunteer City Council and then administrative authority for the purpose of day-to-day functions with an appointed, professional City Manager. The City Council has a mayor and half a dozen councilors who each serve four-year terms.