My dog Mabel kissing me on the check

Did I mention I’m crazy about animals? My dog Mabel and me. She’s my special girl. 🙂

ALDF – Not your typic lawyers.

The very first time I went there to clean their carpets I was in for a little surprise. I met the office manager on the fourth floor on Taylor Street. She greeted me with a warm smile and asked if I needed anything. I said no, but that I needed to go downstairs to get my… Continue reading

Deep Cleaning Carpet in Beaverton


Deep cleaning - Steam cleaning with our 360i

“Can you save my carpet with natural steam cleaning?” and “can you really get it clean with steam cleaning?” are questions we hear frequently. And the answer is, “Yes, we can”. On many occassions we have been able to remove stains and soil that other carpet cleaners have given up on. And we do it with safe and natural cleaners. Admitted, this is a bold claim, but… Continue reading