The Environment. Our planet is a gift that we have all been endowed with. Though we live here it doesn’t belong to just us. It belongs to future generations of humans and animals. We believe that it is our responsibility to care for it. There is much we don’t have control over, however we believe that it is still our responsibility to do our best in caring for the earth. So far this is what we have come up with…

Eco Clean Van and Equipment.

– Van is 25% more fuel efficient.

– Equipment is up to 40% more fuel efficient.

This helps reduce emissions and green house gases.

Biodiesel is a vegetable oil-based fuel that runs in diesel engines – cars, buses, trucks, construction equipment, boats, generators, and oil home heating units. It’s usually made from soy or canola oil, and can also be made from recycled fryer oil. This is a renewable fuel source grown on American soil. BioDiesel is frequently blended with conventional diesel


to reduce emissions and increase lubrication.

Cleaners- Our cleaners are not only safe for children and pets but also the environment. They contain no harsh chemicals, toxins, chlorine bleach, or any toxins. Additionally they are wheat and gluten free.