Child, Pet and Eco Friendly Carpet Cleaning.

Green Carpet Cleaning from Eco Clean

vanfrontNature provides us with safe cleaners to handle the most soiled of carpets, including pet damage. Invention has given us the most powerful equipment to clean deeper than any other carpet cleaner in the area.

Method: First, carpet is deeply vacuumed to remove dry soil. Then, we apply a proprietary mixture of Valencia orange and all natural cleaners. Carpet is then gently agitated to loosen soil. Finally, we flush the carpet or upholstery with water hotter than boiling. Nothing is safer or more effective.

We strive to be the best carpet cleaning company in Portland and Beaverton Oregon.


Why Choose Eco Clean?

  • Safe and Natural for Children and Pets
  • More effective than “standard” carpet cleaning
  • Carpet Stays cleaner longer
  • Super Service Award Winner 2006 – 2010
  • Best “Natural Cleaner” in Portland and Beaverton